A Travel Subsidy Grant is available for KWA members living in Rockingham, participating in interstate and international competitions traveling outside of Western Australia.


  • Selected representatives who reside within the City of Rockingham are entitled to one grant per person or team per competition per financial year.
  • Applicants must be residents of the City of Rockingham who are selected to represent their chosen activity (sport and recreation; cultural; leadership; educational) at local, national or international level at an accredited event held outside of Western Australia or Australia.
  • Applicants must supply proof of selection from an approved governing body (e.g. copy of selection letter on letterhead) stating the applicant’s name and confirming travel and representation level (competition details with dates, location, etc.).
  • All applications must be received and date stamped by the City at least four weeks prior to competition for consideration.
  • If six or more individual applications are received, with the applicants representing the
    same club, school, organisation or association, participating in or at the same organised event or activity (date and/or location) irrespective of division or category, the applications will be classed as a team* and therefore only one team Travel Subsidy Grant will be forwarded to the club or organisation on the applicants’ behalf.
  • If applying as a team, please only provide the organisation, club, or association’s bank account details for payment of the Travel Subsidy Grant. The organisation, club, or association is then responsible for the distribution of the grant to applicants. If applying as a team with more than six members, please attach a list of all names and addresses.


Please read the guideline and download the application by clicking on this link.