Applications now open for high Performance International Sponsorship

KWA aims to support Western Australian Kiteboarding and Winging athletes who plan to participate in international competitions.

Sponsorship Details
Amount: Up to $500 per event.
Frequency: One event per financial year.
Eligibility: One-time offer.

Eligibility Criteria
Applicants must:
– Be current KWA members.
– Be permanent residents of Australia.
– Submit an overview of recent competitive achievements.
– Provide proof of registration for an international event within 12 months.
– Provide proof of travel expenses.
– Provide proof of KWA membership and Australian permanent residency.
– Provide bank account details for fund transfer.
Application Process
– Submit Application: Include all required documents by the deadline.
– Review: KWA nominated board members reviews and scores applications.
– Decision: Successful applicants notified by email.
Required Documents
Recent competitive achievements.
Proof of event registration.
Proof of travel expenses.
Proof of KWA membership.
Proof of Australian permanent residency.
Bank account details.
Please note: Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding. 

View our full policy here .

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For further information please email