Insurance Information Portal

Your KWA membership includes Public Liability Insurance which is provided by Kiteboarding Australia. KA have worked closely with the insurance broker, V-Insurance Group, to design the Kiteboarding Australia National Insurance Program.

For any matters relating to insurance, please visit the homepage of the Kiteboarding Australia National Insurance Program. This portal provides details on what is covered, frequently asked questions, policy wordings and claim forms for each of the policies which form the National Program:

Period of Cover

The policy is renewed each year to cover the period from 1 November to 31 October.

Limit of Indemnity

The policy is for Public Liability and covers up to $10,000,000 for any single occurrence. In addition to regular kite surfing activities, the policy also has the same limit of indemnity for events organised by WAKSA.


There is a $500 excess or deductible for each and every claim.

Territorial Limits

The policy covers members whilst kiting overseas (excluding USA & Canada) when kiting in accordance with the Safe Kiting Guidelines and membership agreement. As is normal for these policies, Australian Jurisdiction applies meaning that should an incident occur and someone wants to take action against a member of KA, the case would be heard by an Australian court.


If you require information about making a claim, please read the Incident Notification page.

Certificate of Currency

For the most recent Certificate of Currency, please visit the V-Insurance Information Portal where a copy can be downloaded.