Western Australia is a popular destination for kiteboarders, including many interstate and overseas visitors. By producing the guidelines outlined in the locations section of this website, we hope to encourage people to be responsible and show respect to other kiters, beach users and the environment so that we may continue to enjoy some of the best kiting locations in the world.

KiteboardingWA does not make rules or regulations; the guides are based on the experiences of our members who kite regularly at the locations along with feedback from local councils. Feedback has been provided on issues that may affect the accessibility to a spot as well as producing a simple rating system so that kiters can be aware of the ability required to ride at a specific location.

The guides below are not a rule book, they are not enforceable (unless local council/DPI/CALM rules have been issued); they are designed to give kiters the opportunity to follow some simple guidelines that will allow access to be maintained and ensure continuous safety for all.

Guides for some of the most popular locations in WA are listed below


Attadale / Point Walter
This spot is one of two locations that are kite-able when easterly or northeasterly winds are blowing, predominantly on summer mornings.

Brighton Road
An excellent location for intermediate to expert kiters wanting to ride waves. Strong downwind sweep (current) along the beach in strong winds.

Casuarina Beach
A great intermediate to advanced riders spot. Please be aware of the rocks/cliffs at the Northern end of the beach which can be hazardous if you kite too close to them.

City Beach
Heavy beach break with pounding waves, best suited to intermediate and expert kiters.

An excellent location for intermediate to expert kiters wanting to ride waves. Strong rips can be formed with moving sandbanks.

Cottesloe / Dutch Inn
Not suitable for beginners due to super shallow reef. Intermediate and expert kiters will have a blast all year round. Please obey ALL RULES to ensure access is maintained.

Leighton Beach
Excellent spot for those wanting to learn wave riding. However, please be alert to the number of other public beach users at the weekends.

Melville Beach
A popular flatwater site for beginner to expert kiters providing a large protected shallow bay and a long narrow beach. This area is used predominately by schools, so if you are a good kiter, we recommend checking out all of the excellent ocean spots we have along the coast. Winds over 20 knots can also be gusty.

Pelican Point
Pelican Point is not recommended for beginner kiters. Prevailing winds are onshore and care must be taken at all times. Use the grass area to rig kites.

Pinnaroo Point
An excellent spot for intermediate and expert kiters, offering plenty of space and some serious bumps to launch off.

Safety Bay and The Pond
The flat water is great for intermediate and expert kiters practising new moves. Beginners who are unable to go upwind should avoid ”The Pond”. Shoalwater close by provides a great spot for beginners to practice their new found passion.

Safety Bay Penguin Island – “Pengo’s”
The flat water is ideal for intermediate and expert riders to perfect tricks. The curve of the bay allows beginners to do down winders confidently in fairly flat, sheltered water. Please be aware YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LAND YOUR KITE ON PENGUIN ISLAND AND ALWAYS PASS BEHIND THE FERRY WHEN TRANSITIONING. THE MINIMUM CLEARANCE IS 50 METRES.

Shoalwater Beach
Shoalwater (aka ”Shoalies” or”Pengos”) is a popular beginner spot close to Penguin Island. Riders must be aware that this is a touristic area and must respect beach users, wildlife and other marine activities. In order to keep this location open for kitesurfing activities, riders must take extra distance from the ferries

Woodies – Beach one
Excellent spot for those seeking flat water. Technically it is best suited to intermediate level kiters as the seabreeze can often be more onshore than cross-shore, but beginners are encouraged to use Beach one and not Beach two or three.

Woodies – Beach two

Between Beach one and Beach three, often offers a mix of both. Is often onshore in a South Westerly, so is not recommended for beginners. This is also a popular beach for the windsurfers, so please also respect their space, they want to enjoy the water too!

Woodies – Beach three
Excellent spot for those seeking flat water. Best suited to intermediate and expert kiters. Beginners should not use this location due to cross-offshore winds.


Coronation Beach
Coronation Beach is a popular windsurfing spot heavily frequented by European windsurfers.

Dongara – South Beach /Port Denison
A fantastic spot for beginner, intermediate and expert kiters with a variety of flat and wave riding available along the same beach.

Coming Soon…

Geraldton is renowned for being a windy location during the summer months and has been popular with windsurfers for many years.

Lancelin has multiple top class locations, ranging from flat water, to massive 5m waves, depending on swell. No wonder it”s popular with windsurfers as well as kiters!!

Check out the video below produced by Noé Font, showcasing some fine Freestyle riding at The Pond in Safety Bay and some other locations around Perth, Fremantle and WA.

Check out the video below to see some of WA’s finest Kiteboarding locations in regional Western Australia.