Join KiteboardingWA

Since 2002, KiteboardingWA, formerly known as WAKSA, has been working for its members and the kiteboarding community in order to provide the following benefits:

  • Provide community representation and maintain beach access for kiteboarders across Western Australia
  • Organise Kiteboarding events in the WA including State & National freestyle comps, wave riding and course racing competitions)
  • Promoting safe kiting practices
  • Provide public liability insurance for members
  • Work with Marine Safety & Surf Life Saving Clubs to educate them on the sport of kiteboarding and appropriate rescue methods

Your membership helps us to continue our goals and develop the sport of kiteboarding throughout WA & Australia. To join KiteboardingWA, please follow the link below to the Kiteboarding Australia (KA) membership system where you can sign up to be become a member. Membership under each state association is then determined by the address provided.