Kiteboarding is easy to practice safely with a little forethought and the application of common sense. Ultimately, individual kiters are responsible for minimizing the risk to ourselves, and to others on the beach. Safe, responsible and appropriate kiting practices minimise negative attention to the sport, and helps protect the future of this great sport.

KWA encourages individual kiters to kite within their own skill level and abilities, and to recognise their own limits. KWA always encourages kiters to practice safe kiting but believes that the use of safety devices such as PFD’s is a matter for individuals to decide, depending on conditions and experience levels. For example, if kiting any considerable distance off shore, a PFD and flares may be appropriate, but may not be necessary for inshore or river based kiting.

KWA recommends the C.L.E.A.R. acronym as follows:


  • Wind strength
  • Wind direction
  • Always keep downwind area well clear
  • Waves, tides & currents
  • Consider possible changes


  • Before you launch, land, jump, jibe, etc


  • Always pre-flight check
  • Use a kite leash
  • Use a quick release on anything you hook into
  • Practice using your safety systems regularly so that it becomes instinctive
  • Never exceed manufacturers specifications


  • Always seek and listen to local advice
  • Don’t exceed your limitations
  • Use judgement to prevent situations, not rely on skill to try and get out of it


  • Others – be considerate and courteous to all other water and beach users
  • The law
  • Fellow kiters – follow right of way rules
  • The environment – Leave no trace!

Important Websites

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Cockburn Volunteer Sea Search and Rescue Group operate in the waters of Cockburn Sound and well beyond to provide assistance to the boating public of Perth. They offer a 24-hour radio watch for seagoing vessels and a rescue service for those who get into trouble.

Lost Kiteboard – 131 444

On-water assistance – 0409 103 029