Strategic Overview

WAKSA is the official state peak body for kite surfing in Western Australia. The main objectives of WAKSA as an organisation are to:

  • promote safe kite surfing practices
  • maintain beach access for Western Australian kite surfers
  • publicise information about kite surfing activities
  • run events for WAKSA members

WAKSA has in place a 5 year strategy which is broken down into Strategic Principles, Operational Functions and Committee Roles & Responsibilities.

Strategic Principles

WAKSA has the following strategic principles:

  • Respect for others
  • Establishing and managing professional working relationships with other organisations and persons
  • Managing save beach/river access issues
  • Striving for the lowest environmental impact by kite surfing activities
  • Promoting safety within the kite surfing community
  • Maintain relevance as an organisation to serve it’s members
  • Striving to practice and integrate our sport alongside other sports disciplines and codes

Operational Functions

The following functions are essential to the ongoing strategic success of WAKSA.


  • Ensure consistent management of kite surfing activity in the community
  • Ensure development of policies that promote the sport
  • Offer guidance to members and orgnisations
  • Develop effective processes for members to utilise the various services on offer by WAKSA


  • Organise or delegate the planning and delivery of kite surfing related events for members
  • Assist in the promotion of kite surfing events


  • Marketing of WAKSA to persons and organisations in the region of Western Australia to raise, promote and maintain the image of kite surfing


  • Provide internal and external publications and announcements distributed by WAKSA to members and the outside community including Project Communications, Social Media, Newsletters, Promotions via email, the WAKSA website and other associated channels

Membership & Recruitment

  • Provide an annual membership model for members
  • Provide a platform for partnering with other organisations and businesses to promote kite surfing
  • Recruit required resources/volunteers where necessary

Education & Training

  • Provide a framework for kite surfing education and training to positively improve kite surfing safety


  • Comprehensive communications plan with Local Councils and relevant groups/associations/bodies
  • Stay abreast of potential problems (physical, legal etc.) effecting kite surfing


  • Responding to members and any other community bodies and/or organisations as required with respect to aspects such as safety, issues, rules, regulations, due dilligence etc.

Committee Roles & Responsibilities

The WAKSA committee has the following roles and responsibiliites.


  • Chairman of the Board
  • Makes any required appointments with the approval of the Board
  • Performs such duties as are customary for presiding officers

Vice President

  • Serves as a substitue for the President and assumes the President’s responsibilities if the elected President cannot fulfil them for any reason
  • Becomes President if that office becomes vacant


  • Oversees the management of funds for duly authorised purposes of the WAKSA Association


  • Keeps the records of all business meetings of the WAKSA Committee and AGM with members


  • Responsible for management of the events calendar and high level management of events
  • Organise event specific teams to manage individual events

Marketing & Communications

  • Responsible for all internal and external publications and annoucements distributed by WAKSA to members and the outside communicty, including Project Communications, Newsletters, Promotions, Social Media and the WAKSA website
  • Responsible for marketing WAKSA to persons and organisations in the region of Western Australia to raise and promote the image of kite surfing in the community
  • Works closely with the Sponsorship team to attract corporate sponsors

Sponsorship & Relationships

  • Oversees the development, promotion and management of WAKSA partnerships and affiliates
  • Manages relationships with sponsors and assist with organising sponsorship for individual events
  • Responsible for attracting and managing corporate sponsorship

Membership & Volunteers

  • Manages membership register and responds to membership based inquiries
  • Oversees the recruitment of new members and ensures members remain financial
  • Manages list of volunteers and assists Event managers to organise volunteers as required

KA Representative

  • Manages the engagement and relationship with the Kiteboarding Australia (the Australian national body), covering aspects such as legislation, public liability insurance, membership and fees.

If you have any questions about WAKSA or would like to support us, please get in touch!