Location Guide – Coronation Beach

Coronation Beach is a popular windsurfing spot heavily frequented by European windsurfers. It can be difficult to launch and land your kite due to lack of beach space and gusty conditions on the beach itself. 
Nevertheless, Coronation offers excellent kitesurfing conditions for the intermediate and expert kiter once out on the water. There is plenty of space downwind of the windsurfers, with a combination of flat water and moderate waves.

All kiters should follow local guidlines, posted on a sign in the car park next to the boat access. All kiters should use the cleared area just north of the boat access, to rig and launch their kites. Coronation is predominatly a Windsurfing location. Windsurfer numbers will build up from November to February / peak season due to extreme popularity with overseas tourist windsurfers, keep this in mind when making decisions out on the water.

Coronation Beach is about 450 Kms north of Perth CBD and 25 Kms north Of Geraldton. After reaching Geraldton, continue northward towards Northhampton. The turn off to the coast is shortly after the 25Km indicator to Northhampton.

Water Condition
Fairly gusty up to 50m offshore, Flat water up to the first break 150m offshore, moderate waves breaking onto sandbar. depending on swell another break can form further out. First break is fairly safe for an introduction into wave riding.

Beach Condition
The Beach is very narrow and in most places no wider than 10m. A rigging area has been cleared in the scrub for kitesurfers offering enough space to launch.

Skill Level





Kite Style



Wind Direction

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