Location Guide – Pelican Point

Pelican Point is not recommended for beginner kiters. Prevailing winds are onshore and care must be taken at all times. Use the grass area to rig kites.

Adhere to the information on the Swan River Trust/WAKSA sign.

  • Do not leave kites or lines on the grassed area or beach any longer than necessary.
  • Pay specific attention to non-kiting public – large numbers of pedestrians and cyclists use this area.
  • Do not leave lines or kites across the bike path.
  • Do not kite in the launching and landing area.
  • Do not launch or land from the wall under any circumstances.

The fenced area is a DEC nature reserve and a restricted area due to the presence of rare nesting birds. The reserve should never be used to launch, land or rig up. Due to the nesting birds, kiters are excluded from the area on the water marked with yellow bouys – do not kite between the marker buoys and the beach.

Please refer to the location guide – due to the presence of rare, migratory nesting birds, Dept of Environment and Conservation has requested kiters do not enter or kite in the highlighted exlcusion zone. We encourage kiters to follow directions from DEC Rangers at all times.

Approx 8kms West of the CBD in the suburb of Crawley. Head out of the city on Mounts Bay Rd, turn left into Hackett Drive. Look out for the Royal Perth Yacht club on the left hand side; Pelican Point is about 500m further on.

Water Condition
Very shallow water in certain areas.

Beach Condition
Very little beach, trees and walls are a hazard. Kiters need to walk into the water for launching.

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Kite Style


Wind Direction

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