Safety Bay Penguin Island – “Pengo’s”

Location Guide – Safety Bay Penguin Island – “Pengo’s”

The flat water is ideal for intermediate and expert riders to perfect tricks. The curve of the bay allows beginners to do down winders confidently in fairly flat, sheltered water.

Local kitesurfers and windsurfers have a good relationship with one another and with the council. Please adhere to the usual right of way rules and respect all other water users.

This a popular tourist destination with many people wading across the sand bar to Penguin Island. Be courteous to all members of the public on the beach and keep well clear of anyone wading across the sandbar.

Watch for the ferry crossing to and from Penguin Island, it moves quite quickly and in the late afternoon moors about 50m out from the launch site.

A kite school (West Oz Boardsports) operates just downwind of the point, please keep this area clear.

Once again, WAKSA encourages all kiters to respect the exclusion zones as marked on the location guide – the exclusion zones around Penguin Island are nature reserves. Refer to the location guide for specific advice.

Penguin Island is located at Mersey Point on Arcadia Drive, Shoalwater Bay which is near Rockingham. It is approximately 50km South of Perth and takes about 45 minutes from the CBD.

Water Condition
Dead flat just downwind of the sandbar, the further downwind you go of the sandbar the choppier it gets, but still negligible. The water depth along the sandbar varies. A weed bank just off the launch site at the kiosk can be anywhere from one foot to a few centimeters underwater.

Beach Condition
Fairly wide sandy beach usually with bits of dead seaweed scattered over it that tend to cling to lines and tangle them when trying to launch. Many curious tourists come down to have a look at kiters, politely inform them when you are about to launch and suggest a safe spot for them to stand.

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