Location Guide – Safety Bay & The Pond

The flat water is great for intermediate and expert kiters practicing new moves. Beginners who can”t yet go upwind should avoid ”The Pond”.

This spot is very popular with windsurfers, show respect at all times to preserve the good windsurfer-kitesurfer relations in Safety Bay.

A windsurfing and kitesurfing school (WA Surf) operates near here; please give beginners appropriate space. There are well established rules that apply for kiters and windsurfers at ”The Pond”.

If you are new to The Pond, please ask local kiters for advice before hitting the water at The Pond – see also the downloadable PDF for this location.

Many kiters also lauch adjacent to the Safety Bay Yacht Club and free ride to Penguin Island and back, or vice versa.

Once again, WAKSA encourages all kiters to respect the exclusion zones as marked on the location guide – this is an environmentally sensitive location (due to nesting birds. Again.)

From Fremantle, head south along Stock Road until it meets Rockingham Rd (approx 20kms) and then continue along Paterson Rd and turn left onto Read Street. Follow Read St for approx 2.5k”s to Rae Rd and then turn left into Hawker St. Approx 1km, turn right onto Safety Bay Road. Safety Bay Yacht Club approx 1km ahead.

Water Condition
Downwind of the weed bank is dead flat. Further upwind the chop grows.

Beach Condition
Adequate beach for launching, take care as it is on shore.

Skill Level





Kite Style




Wind Direction

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Location Guide