Originally WAKSA was founded to promote safe kite boarding practices and provide a single contact point for state and local government to ensure beach access.  This has been extended to work with all Kite Boarding stakeholders where possible to progress our sport.  Recent projects including the Kite Boarding Be Safe campaign with the Department of Sport and recreation (DSR) and Surf Life Saving WA is one such example.  Other efforts can’t be discussed openly due to commercial or personal sensitivities.

As the sport developed, so has the need for everyone to be on the same page.  We are very small in number relative to other sports and the need for a common clear voice is vital.  Like all sports we have a national body Kiteboarding Australia (KA) and local state bodies (WAKSA, KSA, KNSW, KV, KQ). Our national body, KA, is designed to deliver more than insurance and you can find this on their website at https://www.kiteboardingaus.com.au.   While insurance is built into the membership and it has been the reason many people have joined in the past,  I don’t see it as the sole reason for the future.


Our sport is growing and there are many issues and exciting opportunities. We need more than ever to be clear about what we expect as a community, but to have respect for all views as they develop.

Learning from the wisdom of past association committee members and passing that knowledge forward into the future will aid innovative and wise decisions.

It is not possible for every view to be heard, but the majority should decide.   This provides the foundation of our democracy which has served us well to date. The silent majority are happy to entrust their support with the national body and local state associations to represent their sport.  If that representation is not effective, there are democratic processes in place to resolve issues in a civil fashion.

A thought

We live in an age where a thought can be transmitted  almost as quickly as it is formed, which has positive and negative results. Some thoughts sound appealing at first, but leave out vital pieces of information. Anything related to money or getting something for free has our instant attention.

How many of you have often taken a good deal only to regret it later ?  That’s is my point, yes there is a cheaper insurance deal, but what is the fine print ?  I’m no insurance expert, so I will not argue the  pro’s and con’s of two policies.

  • What are their claim pay out histories
  • Who is the local representative ?
  • What government regulations could invalidate that insurance without notice ?
  • What local pressure could be brought to bear if the insurer rejects a claim ?

But I am no insurance expert, so I can’t offer advice or any personal wisdom in that regard.

What I can tell you is your membership is more than just insurance so please consider the big picture. 


If you value beach access,  full representation at local and national government level and positive media, then support KA and your local state association (WAKSA, KSA, KNSW, KV, TKSA, KQ)

Sports that have an organised structure with a large number of members have a voice.

As I said earlier not all views can be heard, but if you disagree join the local state association, listen to what is being said and the decisions being made. Then add your views to the conversation, which will be better heard as a result of the respect you’ve demonstrated.

Leaders must be given the trust and opportunity to lead.  Our community needs a single voice more than ever and often we focus on the irrelevant issues such as a few dollars, instead of the big picture.

This can only be done with your support in how you explain our shared views to the wider kiting community and help all non members understand why they should join.

We need a common strong voice and that will not happen if the conversation devolves in to simple dollars and no sense.


Darren S. Ellis
Former President – W.A.K.S.A.
Endorsed by the WAKSA Committee