National Junior Kite Camp: 1-8 January 2023

What is the National Junior Kite Camp and who is it for?

One-week camp for the best 8 competing Oz groms between 10 and 17 years (U18). Focus on unhooked Freestyle and Big Air. Organised in Western Australia by experienced pro riders and instructors.
Basecamp at the Pond, Safety Bay, one of the best freestyle spots in the world. If required, trips will be organised to windier spots.
World Champion Mikaili Sol and Pro Rider and Coach Matteo Serra will train the participating juniors in theory and practice with support of a team of local riders, instructors, professionals and sponsors.
Our mission is to unite Australia‘s top junior kite groms in one national training camp.
Program Elements

Freestyle TrainingHands-on unhooked training, from Raleys to Blind  to Crowmobes, KGBs, and old-school all-stars. Video analysis compiled by assistant coaches.

Big Air Training – From clean and controlled high jumps to mega loops, board-offs, S-loops, and other mean aerials. Video analysis.

Daily Yoga Session – To kitesurf on a high level strength, flexibility and focus is required. Yoga is the perfect complementary activity to kitesurfing, which is why the camp days start with a Yoga session.

Example Briefings and Theory

    • Pro rider analysis based on international video footage
    • Development of competition-relevant knowledge 
    • Theory in basic physics, aero- and aquadynamics
    • Wind and wave relevant meteorology, specific conditions around the Australian coast
    • Competition formats, judging and competition psychology
    • Equipment handling, preparation, settings and tuning
    • Athletic resilience and sports psychology
    • Social media and video/photo training
    • Developing a training plan 
    • Sponsorship and professionalism

Social time!

Benefits of the Kite Camp

Push the limits – The juniors will be guided to their limits by seasoned pros, allowing them to advance their technical and mental levels. The high level of the group environment will be a strong motivational driver to progress.

Competition Skills – The juniors will learn to channel their skills in a competitive routine, and learn mental and physical techniques to thrive in a competitive environment.

Mateship – The members share training sessions, learn about each other‘s strengths and weaknesses, network with national and international talent and develop a national esprit de corps. The event will be documented and distilled in high resolution and quality video cut (2-3 min).

Confidence & Responsibility – The pride to belong to a pack of competing juniors that lives up to a stringent set of principles and responsibilities will grow the juniors‘ self-confidence and sense of responsibility.

Requirements to apply

Age  – 10-17 years young (as per January 2023)

Skill level – Kitesurf skills outstanding amongst age peers. Competent in unhooked tricks (at least one unhooked move to blind or wrapped) and high kiteloops. Coaches panel will judge level based on competition results and published social media posts or a video compilation. 

Competitive Experience – Has attended at least 2 state and/or national and/or international kitesurf competitions to date (can be wave, freestyle or big air). Is signed up for the upcoming State and/or National Freestyle and/or Big Air competitions and member of Kiteboarding Australia.

Your Coaches

Your main coaches will be Fabio Ingrosso, Star Coach of many professional riders (Mikaili Sol, Maxime Chabloz, Finn Flügel and more) and Matteo Serra, Pro Kiter and Coach from Italy. They will be supported by local riders and an organisation team.

Camp fee of $ 980 includes
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Accommodation
  • Transport during camp to reach spots
  • Professional coaching by international riders
  • Video and photo documentary
  • Camp merchandise

Thank you to Kiteboarding Australia, Kiteboarding Western Australia, sponsors and volunteers for making this possible!

Get in touch with us

To learn more or already announce your interest to participate, send us a message at