Location Guide – Geraldton

Geraldton is renowned for being a windy location during the summer months and has been popular with windsurfers for many years. AKSA held the National Titles here in 2005 in exceptionally windy conditions.

Geraldton has multiple top class locations, suitable for beginners to the advanced rider. 
Locations are: 
Point Moore for flat water on the inside and waves out the back (only for expert kiters); 
Sunset Beach – mainly wave riding when swell picks up; 
St George’s – flat water and smaller waves.

Be aware when kiting at Point Moore, you will get blown into the shipping lane and be several kms offshore if things go wrong when in the waves out the back. Some Geraldton wave riding spots are traditionaly surf and windsurfing breaks, keep this in mind when making decisions on the water.

Geraldton is approximately 420kms north of the CBD and can be reached via the Brand Highway.

Water Condition
Lots of cobblers in the seaweed 2-3m off the waters edge at Point Moore, not deadly but extremely painful for many hours. Ask locals for directions on shallow reefs at virtually every beach.

Beach Condition
All Geraldton beaches offer plenty of space for rigging your kites and can even be driven on, as is the case at Point Moore.

Skill Level




Kite Style



Wind Direction

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