Location Guide – Leighton Beach

Excellent spot for those wanting to learn waveriding. Kiters should be alert to the number of people using the beach on weekends.

Kiters are advised not to set up, launch or land in the dog exercise area. The preferred launch and landing area extends south from the railway footbridge for approximately 450 metres to a line on the beach perpendicular to the Dingo Flour Mill.

Do not set up South (upwind) of, or in front of the Fremantle Surf Life Saving Club. Do not kite or or through the flagged/swimming zones.

This is a very busy beach on weekends with dogs on the beach and kids in the water. Keep safe distances in the water and secure kites and undo lines on the beach. Due to the popularity of this beach with other users, please ensure you have adequate Public Liability Insurance. This is included with annual WAKSA membership. High theft area, do not leave valuables in your car.

Over the past couple of years, Leighton has been the finish line for the annual Lighthouse to Leighton Kite Surf Race. Amenities are available at the recently renovated Fremantle Surf Life Saving Club.

Approx 13kms from the CBD in the suburb of North Fremantle. Head towards Fremantle along Stirling Highway, turning right onto Curtin Ave at Cottesloe. Continue South along the coast, Leighton beach is on Curtin Avenue, adjacent to the railway footbridge.

Water Condition
Small waves with chop out the back. Wind tends to be gusty close in shore, but cleans up 150 – 200m offshore.

Beach Condition
Large white sandy beach, of which the northern section is also used as a dog beach. Leighton gets very busy on weekends with families and swimmers.

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Wind Direction

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