Location Guide – Melville Beach

A popular flatwater site for beginner to expert kiters providing a large protected shallow bay and a long narrow beach. Winds over 20 knots can be very gusty.

A take-off and landing zone extends North/South along the entire length of the beach and 50m west over the water. The limit of this zone is marked by 3 small yellow DoT buoys in summer -please do not sail/jump/turn or body drag inside this zone.

The wind can be very flukey along the beach. Please fly kites over the water when walking back up the beach or when stationary in the vicinity of the beach & road. Kitesurf Warehouse operates a kite school at this location.

Due to the proximity of the road, houses and pedestrians please ensure you have adequate Public Liability Insurance – this is included with annual WAKSA membership.

Approx 8kms South of the CBD in the suburb of Applecross. From Canning Hwy take any turn off that runs into Melville Beach Road. Kite anywhere between Ness Rd and Dee Rd. There is on street parking adjacent to the beach.

Water Condition
Large open bay subject to moderate wind chop in over 20 knots, otherwise fantastic flatwater.

Beach Condition
Long narrow white beach and grass verge to rig on. Launch in shallows adjacent to the beach.

Skill Level




Kite Style


Wind Direction

West | East | South West | South | South East

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