Shoalwater Beach

Shoalwater (aka ”Shoalies” or”Pengos”) is a popular beginner spot close to Penguin Island. During summer sea breezes, the long side-shore beach allows beginners to drift downwind and come back walking upwind on the beach.

Best wind direction W, SW, WSW with flat to choppy seas however, there are waves on the outside of Penguin Island, suitable for more experienced kiters. Great for learners, with a long, safe bay to learn on. Suitable for twin tips, surfboards and foiling when there is not too much weed.

Riders must be aware that this is a touristic area and must respect beach users, wildlife and other marine activities. A ferry operates from the jetty and the local council has concerns about kitesurfers getting too close to the operation. In order to keep this location open for kitesurfing activities, riders must take extra distance from the ferries.


Caution: Do not leave valuables in your vehicles. There have been quite a number of break in’s, mostly tourist vehicles, where valuables were left in view.

The International Collision Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea: ships, tugboats with tows, commercial ferries and fishing vessels have right of way over sailing vessels.


It is maritime law; you must not interfere with the passage of the ferries. The ferries have been very patient, but 1 or 2 kiters grandstanding caused a lot of tension after the ferry came into use from the new jetty.


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